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FCA What’s Behind: S1E3 – Balocco Proving Ground

Testing a vehicle and all its components includes reliability, durability, dynamic performance and ergonomics. The results of this testing are analyzed and prototypes are fine-tuned. One of the largest testing sites in the World is in Balocco, a few kms from Milan. It is here that the entire dynamic development phase of the vehicle is completed.

From fine-tuning of chassis and suspension to calibration of mechanical and digital systems. Vehicles can rack up to 13,000 kms in just 6 weeks with all this excellence testing! After five months of testing, vehicles are completely dismantled and analyzed piece by piece and the equivalence of 10 years of wear and tear can be studied.

The future is created at Balocco!

Watch the video now.

The future is created at Balocco!

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FCA What’s Behind: S1E2 – South Africa – The Desert Test

Welcome to Upington! Another place I had never heard of let alone been to. This location is also perfect testing ground for all FCA vehicles!

From COLD to HOT ... FCA uses this location to perform very similar brutal temperature testing. This time in +50C temperatures just outside Upington, South Africa - in the true desert and the sunniest place on the planet.

Here, vehicle systems are again put through their paces and mountains of data is captured. This data is critically analyzed in order to implement necessary changes on every nut and bolt, computerized systems, fabrics/plastics/paints, and more!

The rugged landscape and sand dunes are perfect testing ground for off-roading systems as well. The chemical composition of the sand is useful for carrying out extreme traction and dis-engagement tests.

To check out more of the extreme testing in the hottest tempertures and some of the most brutal conditions, check out more in this video

FCA What's Behind: S1E2 - South Africa - The Desert Test

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FCA What’s Behind: S1E1 – Arjeplog

What the heck is Arjeplog??!! I was thinking the same thing!! Is it a wacky new model? Never, ever have I heard this word before...

Well, it's actually a place ... a very far away place. And it's COLD!!! On the borders of the Arctic circle 'to be exact' ... so very cold - all year. Definitely not a tourist destination, but perfect testing ground! Testing cars that is.

FCA carries out cold testing on vehicles at an FCA testing site in Arjeplog. All vehicle systems are put through their paces in brutal -40C temperatures and mountains of snow. Vehicles are either transported to Arjeplog equipped with all their data gathering instruments, or they are driven 3000km from Italy - all while collecting data.

Hundreds of professionals are stationed in Arjeplog every year to complete a number of quality controlled tests on snow covered tracks.

It's really is quite the operation, check out more in this video

FCA What's Behind: S1E1 - Arjeplog

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FCA What’s Behind – Intro Trailer

This series takes us behind the scenes for an in-depth look into the intricate research and development of all FCA vehicles. We get an up close and personal look at the rigorous testing and brutal conditions that all Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles are put through to live up to very high expectations. This means that FCA, and us, deliver vehicles to you that meet the highest of standards in every way:

  • Reliability
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Driving Pleasure

These are the key factors that everyone looks for in a vehicle. FCA's Research & Development team consists of 1000's of employees who take every one of these key factors into consideration in their every day work.

How is maximum customer satisfaction guaranteed?

Check out the intro to the series here

FCA takes us behind the scenes on everything manufacturing

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