The age old question … do I need winter tires? The short answer is, yes! Here’s why …#1: We live in Canada - Alberta specifically, where it gets very cold!#2: Rubber compound varies.All Season and Summer tires have good grip and maintain contact with the road, until the temperature reaches -7C. Once All Season or Summer tires get colder, the rubber begins to harden like a hockey puck. And just like a hockey puck, slides easily along the ice.
The rubber for Winter tires is made to withstand freezing temperatures and remain soft, like a sponge hockey puck. By staying soft, the rubber is able to maintain its grip even in slippery conditions.As an added bonus, Winter tires wear down less on ice and snow compared to all seasons. Changing your tires for the season will save you money on rubber in the long run. Not to mention expensive insurance premiums due to winter accidents.
Winter Tires
Peace of mind is priceless. Studies have proven over and over again that by swapping out your tires in winter - for winters, significantly reduces your collision risk.Stay safe, protect your most valuable assets and save money. Use Winters Tires!

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