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FCA What’s Behind: S1E1 – Arjeplog

FCA What’s Behind: S1E1 – Arjeplog


What the heck is Arjeplog??!! I was thinking the same thing!! Is it a wacky new model? Never, ever have I heard this word before…


Well, it’s actually a place … a very far away place. And it’s COLD!!! On the borders of the Arctic circle ‘to be exact’ … so very cold – all year. Definitely not a tourist destination, but perfect testing ground! Testing cars that is.


FCA carries out cold testing on vehicles at an FCA testing site in Arjeplog. All vehicle systems are put through their paces in brutal -40C temperatures and mountains of snow. Vehicles are either transported to Arjeplog equipped with all their data gathering instruments, or they are driven 3000km from Italy – all while collecting data.


Hundreds of professionals are stationed in Arjeplog every year to complete a number of quality controlled tests on snow covered tracks.


It’s really is quite the operation, check out more in this video

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